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  • World Challenge 2015 - Update #1

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    Well here we are, two Malaysian days in. The 16 kids are cohesive, excited, trying everything new, respectful and adventurous.

    When we all met on the departure day the airport terminal resembled a primary school yard on the first day of prep. Nervous people standing around waiting to be told what to do, teary eyed parents, kids in matching new clothes with bags that seemed way too big and of course, a whole new huge world in front of them.

    At the airport Pat and I met Michelle, our Expedition Leader from World Challenge, handed out tickets, distributed group gear and I collected the $16k from the Travelex that made up our group funds for the month.

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  • Important Information for all Students taking Mathematics courses in 2016

    Please download the information document regarding important information for Maths students in 2016 at Gisborne SC.

    Next year all Mathematics textbooks, with the exception of Year 11 Foundation Maths will be the Cambridge Essential Maths series new editions (Foundation Maths will be a new textbook from another publisher). A photo of the textbook required for each subject is included for your reference.

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Transition from Primary School

Grade 5 & 6 students spend at least four days at Gisborne Secondary College before beginning here each new academic year. The learning centres, combined with a peer mentoring program, ensure that every Year 7 student is closely monitored and their learning is targeted.Read more...


Gisborne Secondary College has a broad, diverse and well-documented curriculum that puts puts the students at the centre. With over 65 VCE, VCAL and VET units on offer every year the college offers a learning program second to none. Read more...

Pathways to the future

Gisborne Secondary's Career Pathway Planning programming assists each student to select and explore engaging career options right from day one. The college links with the University of Melbourne, Deakin University and Federation University, as well as providing significant VET, apprenticeship and traineeship options. Read more...
  • Curriculum

    Gisborne Secondary College is proud to be able to offer our students a wide range of subjects. Our extensive facilities enable us to offer both technical and academic courses.


    Post Compulsory

    The Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) is the certificate that the majority of students in Victoria receive on satisfactory completion of their secondary education.


    Gisborne Secondary College also offers the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) as a valid alternative to the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE).


    Gisborne Secondary College offers a broad range of vocational education opportunities for students.

  • The House and Mentor system provides a unique opportunity for students to engage with the broader aspects of school life, form important and lifelong relationships with others and experience a wide range of leadership opportunities.



  • Gisborne Secondary College values respect, diversity, innovation and achievement. Through a wide range of learning opportunities, students develop fulfilling and independent lives.

    We care for our environment. We treat each other with care, civility and empathy. We listen to each other.


    We accept each other, and acknowledge the right to express our individuality within the College rules and ethos.


    We value the freedom to generate ideas, to create and to change things for the better.


    We aspire to our best and celebrate excellence in all its forms.

    In valuing the right of every student to reach their full potential, the college creates a positive, friendly and safe environment, which engenders in students self-confidence, self-efficacy and a sense of pride and direction. Our students are well-behaved, polite, courteous and happy. We are proud of their significant achievements in science and technology, English literature, performing and visual arts and sport.

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Mon Nov 30 @12:00AM
Year 9 Step Up
Tue Dec 08 @12:00AM
Grade 6 Orientation Day
Thu Dec 10 @12:00AM
Grade 5 Experience Day
Wed Dec 16 @ 7:00PM - 08:30PM
Gisborne SC Awards Night
Fri Dec 18 @ 9:00AM - 02:20PM
Last Day of Term 4

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