Yr 7 2021 Enrolment Information

At Gisborne Secondary College, we are required to manage our enrolments carefully. Gisborne Secondary College services a defined area, called the ‘Designated Neighbourhood Area’. We are your ‘Designated Neighbourhood School’ if we are the closest school to your permanent residential address, if measured by the shortest practicable route.

You can follow this link to determine your nearest school

 Please take this information into consideration when determining your child’s eligibility to enrol at Gisborne Secondary College.  You can find more information about our enrolment policy here:

My child currently attends a government primary school

My child currently attends a non-government (Catholic or independent) primary school or is being home-schooled

Message from the Principal

Following advice from the Victorian Government on Tuesday 7 April, Gisborne Secondary College will be moving to remote and flexible learning from Term 2.

This is a step all Victorian government schools are taking to help slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). This means that all students who can learn at home must learn from home. This is a very clear directive from the Victorian Government based on the advice of the Chief Health Officer.

We will continue to offer limited on-site learning for those students who need to access this, including for students on days when they are not able to be supervised at home and no other arrangements can be made.  We will provide further information about this shortly.

The Department’s latest advice on coronavirus can be found at

It is important that we work together and support each other during this challenging time. We will be in touch with staff and parents and carers shortly with further details of what remote and flexible learning will look like at our school.

In the meantime, you might find it useful to look at the Department’s Learning from Home website. It provides resources and guidance for teachers and parents and carers.


Jon Morley

Uniform 2020

Years 7 and 8 – may wear the sports tracksuit pants/sports shorts and runners on days when they have sport or PE. At all other times they are to be in the new logo’ d navy-blue formal pants or shorts with black leather shoes. Students may choose to wear any of the approved tops with logos, or the formal blue cotton shirt, on any day they wish.

Years 9 to 12 – the only change to the 2019 Uniform Policy is that all tops and pants must have a GSC logo. The only exception to this rule are the sky-blue shirts, which don't have a logo.

Uniform 2021

Proposal - all year levels to wear the new navy-blue formal pants or shorts with black leather shoes, unless they have a PE class that requires physical activity, or sport on the day. Students may choose to wear any of the approved tops on any day they wish. All items, except for the sky-blue shirts, must have the GSC logo.


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Principal: Jon Morley