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Our Learning Centres

Building sound habits for life at Yr 7 & 8

In 2014, we launched our new Learning Centres. Built on the successes of six years of the Neighbourhoods, our learning centres are visually defined by state-of the art school buildings with outstanding facilities to support student learning for the future. Each learning centre provides a nurturing environment that fosters positive interactions with peers, teachers, and the entire learning community.

The Curriculum ensures the core subjects of English, mathematics, science, and humanities are strengthened, while best-practice teaching and learning strategies provide a dynamic learning environment that incorporates innovation and direct instruction to students. This includes a cross-curricula, integrated and collaborative team approach, in which students are encouraged to work independently, and in teams. All students are provided with a broad and rich learning experience that ensures a focus on academic excellence, personal growth and development and an enriching social experience that encourages active and responsible citizenship. 

Within the learning centres, Information and Communications Technology is used to enhance understanding and assists students to develop as autonomous and reflective learners. Academic excellence comes from explicitly teaching our students how to think about world problems, themselves and others.

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Principal: Jon Morley