School Council

  • Parent Members

    Council President

    Jane Campbell

    Council Vice President

    Samantha Fisher

    Parent Members

    Nadine Pachi

    Darren Benfell

    Michelle Fix 

    Mikki Maheras 

    Melanie Matthews 

  • DET (Staff) Members

    Staff Representatives
    Annette Clark

    Karen Masterton

    Kerry Huke

    Nicholas Maxwell

    Jon Morley

  • Community Members

    College Captains

    Owen Hughes

    Emily Keane

Contact us

  • Student Absences

    Before 9.00am, Telephone: (03) 5428 0899

Principal: Jon Morley

If you wish to provide feedback on any aspect of the school’s operation (either positive or negative) and want to contact the school directly, please send an email to:

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