Student Leadership

Promoting Student Voice and Authentic Decision-Making

  • 2018 Student Leaders

    Captains:   Emily Keane, Owen Hughes
    Vice Captains: Louise Saunders, Elise Muscat
    Drama Captains: Charlotte Warner, Gemma Blythe
    Music Captain:  Tiana McColley
    Wellbeing Captain: Dylan Osborne
    Sports Captains: Melinda Luke, Patrick de Ruiter
    Debating Captains:  Robert Pachi, Caitlyn Mares
    Environmental Captain:       

    Leticia O’Neill

    Editors of Chameleon:       

    Ashlyn Saunders

  • 2017 Student Leaders

    Captains:   Candice Crane, Dean Karapolous
    Vice Captains: Finn Langley, Bridie Ashdown
    Drama Captain: Kyle Bone
    Music Captains:  Angel Ashman, Alex Clark
    Dance Captains: Olivia MacDonald, Emily Rodwell
    Sports Captains: Jared Lepore, Cassidy Holmes
    Debating Captains:  Brendan Crozier, Teagan Bunn
    Visual Arts Captain:        Timothy Cloak, Iris Glenister
    Editors of Chameleon:        Bonnie Saunders
  • 2016 Student Leaders

    Captains:   Sean Doherty, Eshe Lane
    Vice Captains: Taylah Rees, Nelson Keane
    Drama Captain: Hayley McLuckie, Madilyn Bell
    Music Captain:  Gabrielle Spartan
    Dance Captain: Chloe Newell
    Sports Captains: Melissa Steward, Adrian Scaffidi
    Debating Captain:  Teniesha Rose
    Visual Arts Captain:        Rhia Davies
    Editors of Chameleon:        Maddison Hogan, Madilyn Bell

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  • Student Absences

    Before 9.00am, Telephone: (03) 5428 0899

Principal: Jon Morley

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