Welcome to Gisborne
Secondary College

Jon Morley
Acting Principal

Our secondary college is an integral part of the Macedon Ranges Community. Our well-resourced campus is located in the township of Gisborne 20 minutes from the outer suburbs of Melbourne.

Established in 1981, Gisborne Secondary College provides a safe and stimulating learning environment for almost 1100 students in Years 7 to 12.

In year 7 and 8 our students work from well-structured and well-led learning centres. In the learning centres, students participate in core curriculum including English, mathematics, languages, humanities and visual arts.

This means students have significant learning, pastoral, well-being and transition support as they embark on this stage of their learning journey. The importance of a smooth and well-supported transition at these year levels can not be under-estimated. Students working in the learning centres have the opportunity to develop deep and meaningful relationships with their teachers and with each other. Our parents speak at length about how connected their children feel in these learning centres, and how strong the family-school communication is.

We have a very new Performing Arts Centre which includes the 215 seat Barcham Theatre, a new double-court Stadium, both of which support and enhance learning in the Arts and Physical Education and Sport. We also have new library, food technology and science learning areas.

Gisborne Secondary College continues to offer a wide range of senior courses. There are 45 different VCE courses on offer in 2018, 8 VET Courses and we offer the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) at both Year 11 and Year 12.

As our Year 10 students are fully enrolled in our new Three Year Senior Program, over half of our Year 10 students participate in the Senior Accelerated Learning Pathway (SALP), which means they can select multiple VCE or Vocational Education Training (VET) subjects to begin their qualifications journey.

In valuing the right of every student to reach their full potential, the college creates a positive, friendly and safe environment, which engenders in students self-confidence, self-efficacy and a sense of pride and direction. Our students are well-behaved, polite, courteous and happy. We are proud of their significant achievements in science and technology, English literature, performing and visual arts and sport.

I invite you to join a tour and have morning tea with us every Wednesday morning at 9.15am. Email your booking here.

At Gisborne Secondary College we are preparing young men and woman for living and learning.

Jon Morley
Acting Principal

College Vision

Gisborne Secondary College values respect, diversity, innovation and achievement. Through a wide range of learning opportunities, students develop fulfilling and independent lives.



We care for our environment. We treat each other with care, civility and empathy. We listen to each other.


We accept each other, and acknowledge the right to express our individuality within the College rules and ethos.


We value the freedom to generate ideas, to create and to change things for the better.


We aspire to our best and celebrate excellence in all its forms.

At Gisborne Secondary College we recognise that we may learn in different ways, in different spaces and places, in teams and individually. Learning is each student’s responsibility. Teachers and parents provide support and guidance. Our lives are enriched intellectually, socially, emotionally and culturally by our College experience. Students will develop independence and a readiness for future pathways, while becoming responsible members of our community.

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    Before 9.00am, Telephone: (03) 5428 0899

Principal: Andrew Robertson

If you wish to provide feedback on any aspect of the school’s operation (either positive or negative) and want to contact the school directly, please send an email to: gisborne.sc@edumail.vic.gov.au

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