Aspire Tasks

The Aspire program is made up of a range of challenging tasks that will stretch your thinking, creativity and initiative.

All you need to do to be involved is to select your challenge from one of the tasks on this page, and then see Mrs. Anstey-Sprigg and the teacher mentioned on the sheet to register your interest.

Why not have a look and start your Aspire journey now?



Aspire 19-Happiness

Size: 517.48 kb
Hits: 0
Date added: 20-02-2019

Aspire 18-language

Size: 385.15 kb
Hits: 49
Date added: 20-09-2018

Aspire 18-Rube Goldberg Machine Challenge

Size: 468.55 kb
Hits: 68
Date added: 31-07-2018

Aspire 18-Physical Education

Size: 216.04 kb
Hits: 112
Date added: 20-08-2018

Aspire 18-Favourite Read

Size: 421.93 kb
Hits: 62
Date added: 02-08-2018

Aspire 18-Fantasy story

Size: 1.53 mb
Hits: 61
Date added: 20-08-2018

Aspire 18-Build your own task

Size: 252.96 kb
Hits: 73
Date added: 02-08-2018

Aspire 18-Art Games

Size: 442.90 kb
Hits: 127
Date added: 31-07-2018

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