A learning hub in the middle of the college

Information Services


The G.S.C. Library is an information hub that assists students in the development of skills required for life-long learning.



Provide access to information and resources that support the school curriculum.

Develop in students the enjoyment of reading and learning

Assist students to learn skills for evaluating and using information regardless of format or medium.

Provide access to information in the wider community and world.

Provide activities that encourage cultural and social awareness and sensitivity.

To provide and maintain a learning environment that enables students to pursue academic goals and personal interests.



Mrs. Helen Quinn – Library Coordinator

Mrs Hilary MacKenzie – Library Technician

Opening Hours

8.45 a.m. – 4 pm Mon to Fri

Closed at Morning Recess

Library Services

The Library has a dedicated site created for promotion of new books and discussion about books and reading. Students are invited to join.

The web address is


  • School wide access to the Library catalogue
  • Learning environment for research, study and recreation.
  • Computer technology giving access to the school network and the Internet.
  • Borrowing of resources for all members of the school community.
  • Library staff assistance for all aspects of Library usage.
  • Promotion of school and community events.
  • Emphasis on improving student’s literacy skills through their participation in events such as Reading Challenge, wide reading and book promotion activities.

Contact us

  • Student Absences

    Before 9.00am, Telephone: (03) 5428 0899

Principal: Jon Morley

If you wish to provide feedback on any aspect of the school’s operation (either positive or negative) and want to contact the school directly, please send an email to:

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