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Earlier this week I received a visit from a former staff-member Lyn Hall, who brought in her daughter Lisa’s new book We Always Stay, stories from seven indigenous teachers in remote central Australia. Lisa is an ex-Gisborne College student, who spoke at one of our early Valedictory dinners. It’s a beautiful book, and Lisa is an example of an alumnus who has succeeded in a most interesting way. Jane Campbell and I are keen to hear more inspirational stories of past students, so we can construct our ‘Wall of Fame’ in the school foyer. We want this to be a source of motivation and encouragement for current students, to make the point that GSC has always been a proving ground for excellence. If you have information along these lines, please let me know.
Yesterday at lunchtime I watched a Junior school debate in B Block. A Dixon/Cherry team competed against MacDonald on the topic ‘That school sport should be compulsory’. It was a tough battle, nervous at times, and the negative team won, with Emma Bamford voted best speaker. The adjudicators were our Senior debating team, true veterans of the interschool circuit, who provided some excellent feedback and mentoring to more inexperienced juniors. Simone Moore from the English Faculty is driving our debating program and doing a fantastic job. We hope to generate enough interest to get a team up for the Debaters Association of Victorian junior secondary competition next term. This program is designed to provide training in the basic skills and structure of skills and structure of debating whilst also giving students an opportunity to participate in three ‘friendly’ inter-school debates.

Our year 10s and 11s have sat their mid-year exams this week. These exams are held in the Barcham Theatre and adjoining rooms. We have had a lot of strong, positive feedback from our community about our exam program and processes. We try to ensure optimum consistency and integrity, thereby giving Year 10s and 11s an authentic experience which prepares them for the Year 12 VCE finals.
Our poor, long-suffering, under-exercised students have been wonderfully patient in waiting for the oval’s return. We hope to put up the posts and drop the fences next term, though we need to be sure of the surface quality and resilience. One section near the pine forest will remain fenced off, as water is collecting there, and we don’t want to create a mud bath. At least, I don’t.
I wish you all a safe and enjoyable long weekend. Not long to go before the end of semester!

Jon Morley

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