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From the Principal…

Dear Parents, Guardians and Carers,
Last night I had the pleasure of enjoying an evening of entertainment in the Barcham Theatre, provided by our highly talented music students and teachers. The Music Showcase concluded a huge week for the Performing Arts at GSC, alongside Monday night’s Dance Showcase, and Wednesday’s Drama Showcase. There has been an atmosphere of great community spirit each night, with the Theatre full of families, friends and staff. The variety of performances was notable last night, from the driving rhythms of our Percussion Ensemble, the sophistication of Marlow’s piano Sonata by Scarlatti, and the sheer exuberance and fun expressed by our Year 10 vocalists and the range of rock acts. Monday’s Dance Showcase was equally varied, with Year 9 students performing a Jazz routine to Janet Jackson’s ‘Rhythm Nation’ , Year 10 students performing a lyrical routine to Alessia song ‘Scars To Your Beautiful’, while VCE Students presented solos and a contemporary routine to Macklemore’s top hit ‘Wings’. Dance Captain Eleanore was a guest performer and also choreographer of the VCE class dance ‘Wings’. A big thank you goes out to all the parents, carers, staff and community members who attended, sharing and celebrating our students’ and teachers’ passion for dance, drama and music during the week. The Performing Arts are a vital and vibrant element of our creative school culture, and I urge everyone to experience our production of Beauty and the Beast later in the year, which promises to be a cracker.

With the cold weather upon us, many students start seeking shelter in the library at this time of year. Under the stewardship this term of librarians Symone and Hilary, all students are being welcomed in and provided with the structure of games and activities to fill the time, and what a success their initiative has been. Yesterday I was delighted to witness a busy and engaged library space filled by groups of students gathered around crowded tables playing UNO, while on the periphery others chatted together with books or computer games. I haven’t seen such a socially congenial, high-spirited gathering of students from all year levels in the library for many years. And not a phone in sight!
The Year 8 Netball team look like becoming a force of nature, having destroyed all opposition at the Western Division competition in Sunbury this week. They scored a total of 150 points over all their games, and won the final 56 – 1. Next stop, the Regional Championship in 4 weeks. Coach Anna is in a heightened state of excitement. Can it last?

Winter is upon us, and so, it seems, is ‘hoodie’ season. Please remember that wearing bulky hoodies under uniform looks poor and is not sanctioned uniform. Students are welcome to wear white shirts or thermals beneath jumpers or sports tops or jackets to create layers. Black, blue, or multi-colored undershirts are also not uniform.

The School Council AGM and Awards Evening was held on Wednesday May 22nd, in which we were extremely proud to hand out 20 School Council awards, and 8 Year 7 Scholarship awards.
The school council awards recognise the outstanding dedication and effort of students in the following categories:
The Community Service Award, for outstanding service to the College community. Congratulations to our award recipients Laura, Will, Meagan, Hakim, and Shaylyn.
The College Values Award, recognising students who have espoused or demonstrated our values. Congratulations to our award recipients Ryan, Chloe and Kale.
The Dedication Award, for students who show outstanding determination, commitment and perseverance to improve themselves and/or others. Congratulations to our award recipients Mah’ve, Isabella, Daniel, Joshua, Eleanore, Matthew, Louisa, Nea, Abbey, Chelsea, Alysha and Rebecca.
Year 7 Scholarship awards are awarded to students who demonstrate achievement in the Arts, Sports, and Academic excellence. Congratulations to our recipients Imani, Tristan, Jacob, Soleil, Shakira, Ben, Francesca and Hannah.
Jon Morley.

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Principal: Jon Morley