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Where do our Year 12 students go when they leave us? ‘On Track’ data can give us an idea; ‘On Track’ is a large-scale survey designed to monitor the outcomes of Year 12 students six months after leaving school and we have just received the report for our 2018 students.
We know that 65% are engaged in education or training, 8% have deferred studies, and 18% are employed. Of those in education or training, 37% are doing a Bachelor degree, while 20% are doing an apprenticeship or traineeship. This last figure is well above the State percentage of 8%.
Arrangements for Week 1, 2020
The beginning to the school year will look different in 2020. With another large group of Year 7s coming into the school, we will introduce a staggered start to ensure a smooth and effective transition for our new students and our Year 12s. We will also continue the practice of providing two pupil free days at the beginning of the week for staff preparation.
Week one will look like this:

Mon January 27th – Australia Day holiday

Tues 28th – Teachers return for whole school strategic planning.
                       Pupil free day

Wed 29th – Teacher planning and preparation
                       Pupil free day

Thurs 30th – Year 7s and 12s return
                       Year level assemblies

Fri 31st – All students return
                       General Assembly

Feeding your children
We have noticed an increased number of parents dropping off food for their children in the bus loop. While we appreciate the demands of the teenage appetite, this is not a safe practice, and the bus loop is out of bounds during recess and lunchtime. If you wish to drop off anything for your child, please do so in the General Office area.
Advice for parents of school leavers
School-leaver celebrations will be many young people’s first opportunity to experience a life event as an adult, and a time to celebrate an exciting milestone in their lives. However, this shouldn’t mean impacting their health and safety, or causing problems for the communities where they decide to celebrate. You can encourage your child to look after themselves by providing appropriate and accurate information – for example about alcohol, drugs and sex. This can be the key to reducing the risks and minimising harm.
For more information about celebrating safely during school-leaver celebrations and events, including a tip sheet for parents, see: https://goodtimesgreatbreaks.wordpress.com/

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