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Dear Parents, Guardians and Careres,
Last Thursday lunchtime a great crowd in the Barcham Theatre enjoyed the Gisborne SC version of the ‘World’s Greatest Shave’. It was a wonderful afternoon, with popcorn, fairy floss and sausages feeding those outside, while in others the Theatre saw all manner of hair removal from students and staff, most notably from the heads of Mr Vincent, Ms Trickey and Mr Freeman, and, of course, the iconic beard of Mr Savvinos. The event was an incredible success, so our congratulations and admiration goes out to the Student Representative Council for their great initiative and organisation.
NAPLAN is concluded for another year: approximately 450 students sat the literacy and numeracy tests (on paper), over three days, and I want to thank students for their positive behaviour and attitude to the testing, and also Russell Wigginton for his excellent organisation.
All Year 10 students are out on Work Experience this week, and in their absence we welcome aboard Grade 5/6 students from our main feeder schools, who will sample a range of learning experiences, from the curriculum areas drama, science, PE and art.
We are seeking to improve the College’s formal uniform, and reintroduce it at some point into daily wear – as separate from the sports uniform, which has become the default. However, any change to the uniform must be properly staged and subject to wide consultation, so don’t anticipate any changes for 2020. I would be aiming to introduce the changes with our Year 7s in 2021, making it optional for other year levels as we phase it in. At the moment, we have some mannequins on display in the General Office area just to get some feedback on a white shirt, blue pants, tie and blazer. Ties and blazers would be optional, and mainly used for special occasions, such as worn by our Captains on presentation/information evenings or public ceremonies. We do need a warm jacket, suiting our climate, for daily use. We need to ensure that a formal uniform is comfortable and popular with our students, as well as reflecting our college in a smart and positive way. We will continue to look at options and seek feedback and ideas from our community.
Jon Morley

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Principal: Jon Morley