Qkr! - Parent Payments

Gisborne Secondary College prefers that all payments and parental consent be completed on the smartphone app called Qkr! (pronounced - Quicker). Qkr! with Masterpass is an app that lets parents pay for school charges and excursions directly from their smartphone.

Qkr! for schools means you’re not sending your child to school with cash, or credit card details and you can have peace of mind knowing they won’t forget to hand in their permission forms before the due date. With Qkr! by Masterpass, you no longer need to spend valuable time organising cash for excursions, you can do it all on your mobile at a time that suits you.

The College will now be enforcing consent and payment due dates noted on the College consent form – Qkr! will make this easier for our parents as you can pay and give consent as soon as your child tells you about an excursion.

Download the Qkr! app to your iOS or Android device, and enter your payment card details. You can add as many cards as you like, meaning you can select which one to use when the time comes to pay. Powered by Masterpass, your Qkr! account is protected by multiple layers of security so it’s guarded from fraudulent use.

After downloading the app and registering your email address, select ‘Gisborne Secondary College’ and follow the prompts. For those living outside a 10km radius from Gisborne Secondary College, please go to the search bar and enter Gisborne Secondary College to select the school. Please ensure that a profile is set up for each student attending the College.

We hope you enjoy this flexibility in managing your school payments.

Please refer to the documents below for specific information regarding the use and set-up of Qkr!

Qkr - Step by Step Guide to Completing Permission & Payments

Qkr - Initial Set Up

Qkr - Adding multiple cards and keeping your payments safe

Qkr - Adding or deleting payment cards

Qkr - Can two parents set up an account for the same student?

Qkr - eReceipts: Keep track of your Qkr payments

Qkr - How are Qkr refunds processed?

Qkr - How do I add or update a photo of my child?

Qkr - Reason for having a childs photo

Qkr - Remove unwanted items from your shopping cart

Qkr – How do I complete my payment after submitting a form?

Qkr - Should I log out from the Qkr app for security?

Qkr - What to do if I have lost my Qkr password

Qkr – FAQs & Trouble Shooting

Qkr – What if I don’t have a smart phone – web-based version of Qkr

Should you have any questions regarding the use of the Qkr! app please contact the school.


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