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This JB Hi-Fi Solutions Education portal provides you access to a wide range of Education specific laptops, tablets, accessories and insurance. Each product has been selected and approved to work within Gisborne SC's ICT infrastructure.

Use the school code: GISBSC2018

Computer Devices @ GSC

Gisborne Secondary College has an extensive and sophisticated computer network and a wide range of resources including our own Netbook and Laptop computers throughout the College, scanners, printers and copiers, as well as Interactive Whiteboards and Data Projectors. We also pride ourselves on the broad range of academic and industry standard software.
In order to equitably share the cost of using these resources students are credited with printing and photocopying credits through payment of the school fees. Extra credits may be purchased by students through the money window. This system has helped us to manage our printing costs and paper usage / waste.
The College employs onsite school-based technicians to assist us in managing and maintaining the resources mentioned, and to support staff and students with the many and varied issues which can and do arise when using so much technology based equipment.


You do not need to purchase additional software to be protected from viruses.

Windows 10 devices come with built-in Anti-Virus called Defender.

Mac OS anti-virus can be downloaded for free from the BYOD portal.

Microsoft Office

You do not need to purchase Microsoft Office.

The Mac OS and Windows versions can be downloaded from the BYOD Portal.

Mobile devices can download the apps from their stores.

1-2-1 Netbook/Laptop Program

We have a 1-2-1 program which provides more choice to parents and students about how they manage the cost and ownership of their students educational ICT.

From 2018 students in any year may participate in the “1-2-1 Netbook / Laptop Program” supplied through our partnership with JB Hi Fi. We recommend that parents visit JB Hi Fi’s parent purchase portal as early as they can to select their device - there are many payment options available.

We recognise that as students progress through the college their education pathways become more divergent. By Year 10 at Gisborne Secondary College many students are studying at VCE level, and many are undertaking VET courses. Students often need ICT provision that meets their educational needs, and students may wish to own and operate quite different types of devices.

Bring Your Own Device

From 2018, students in any year can also enroll in the college’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program.

Whilst the cost to parents of leasing or purchasing the netbook - either from their own preferred supplier, or JB Hi Fi - for their child is not insignicant, this is offset by the savings in many areas of the cost of textbooks which for some subjects are no longer required.

It is also balanced by the fact that the software that is loaded onto the netbook is covered by the schools software licenses, and that students have access to onsite assistance available from our school based technicians.

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Principal: Andrew Robertson

If you wish to provide feedback on any aspect of the school’s operation (either positive or negative) and want to contact the school directly, please send an email to: gisborne.sc@edumail.vic.gov.au

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