College Policies

GSC Duty of Care Policy

GSC Anti-Discrimination Policy

GSC Anti-Smoking Policy

GSC Anti-Bullying Policy

GSC Assessment & Reporting Policy

GSC Behaviour Management Policy

GSC Clear Rules Policy

GSC Community-Complaints Policy

GSC Continence Care Policy

GSC Drug Education Policy

GSC Enrolment & Placement Policy

GSC Family Payments Policy Policy

GSC First Aid Policy

GSC Healthy Food Policy

GSC Innovation Policy

GSC Mandating Reporting Policy

GSC Student Drivers and Cars Policy

GSC Engagement and Wellbeing Policy

GSC Sunsmart and UV Protection Policy

GSC Uniform and Dress Policy

Please note that while School Council is considering an upgrade and changes to the school uniform for 2018, the sports uniform is acceptable as full school uniform for all year levels. Hard shoes are still required for all science and technology classes. The current 'formal' uniform remains part of the school uniform.


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Principal: Jon Morley

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